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The most useful pen you can ever have.

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Tactical Pens have a great "cool" factor and have multiple uses. First of all, they are great, sturdy writing pens, made of aluminum and conveniently uses a standard refill that can be bought at most office supply stores. Now, on to the cool stuff. Hidden in the caps, you will find life saving tools such as handcuff keys, glass breaks and DNA collectors. The pens may also be used as a powerful weapon. Tactical pens were designed to be just this. To give you the power needed to defend yourself in a less desirable situation, whether you are traveling, sitting in your office or any everyday activity, you have a weapon.  Covert gear such as this when traveling can save your life.  Most importantly, the glass break can be one of the most useful tools on the tactical pen and can be used to escape many situations. The handcuff keys are also a very useful feature, especially if traveling to a foreign country. Law enforcement purchase them frequently to have an extra set on hand. In Florida there is one important thing to remember if you carry a pen with a handcuff key. If you are being arrested for any reason, you must disclose to the officer that you are carrying a handcuff key or face felony charges. Please be familiar with your local laws to avoid any charges in your area. 

Many people are interested in tactical pens and want more information on how to use them. There are two ways to use the pen as a weapon. This first technique is just using the pen in a jabbing motion as you would a knife, thrusting at the body, neck, between the ribs or any other small area. This technique, with enough force will penetrate and cause pain to your attacker. The other is called the Kubuton technique.This skill is usually reserved for specially trained individuals and takes a lot knowledge and practice and is not recommended unless you have acquired this training. Even though you may not be trained in this technique, do not underestimate the power of these pens while jabbing and punching as it is still a very effective weapon. These tactical pens make great cool gifts. Everybody needs a great writing pen but most do not have one that can offer a powerful, self defense tool. These pens come with multiple options. Choose the one you think works best for your situation. If nothing else, you will have a great writing tool. But, if you need self defense, you don't want to be caught without one.