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  • EMMROD PACK ROD - Spinning- 6 Coil
  • EMMROD PACK ROD - Spinning- 6 Coil
  • EMMROD PACK ROD - Spinning- 6 Coil

EMMROD PACK ROD 6 - Spinning - 6 Coil

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Product Description


A great compact fishing rod to add to your survival gear.

  • TPE Hybrid anti-slip handle material.
  • Spin reel seat.
  • Mid- length handle
  • Emmrod patented 1/4 turn locking system.
  • Assembled in America.
  • New TPE butt cap with lanyard ring.
  • Impact resistant nose.
  • Accepts all Emmrod stainless steel rod ends.
  • Breaks down to just 13".
  • Excellent for open faced spin reels.
  • Pack weight of just over 8 oz including rod end.

Please note: Images shown above may have less or more than 6 coils. Reel NOT included.

Compatible with our ZEBCO ADVENTURE 30 REEL

For more information and review, see the Instructor comments from our partner survival school:

SIGMA III Survival School

Instructor Comments:

This is by far and away the best survival pack rod we have ever used and we have used just about every one of the market. During our scout survival and survival instructor programs we do a ton of fishing and have seen pretty much every pack rod show up to this course. We've seen a tremendous amount of other brands break in a short amount of time. These Emmrod fishing poles are just about indestructible and pack down smaller then any other good rod we have seen. The stainless steel pole makes them extremely strong and great for catching almost any sized fish. In fact, Rob our lead instructor, caught a 150 lb tarpon on one. You can literally catch almost anything imaginable with this setup.

We recommend the 8 loop pole because it is good for any fish under 10 lbs, but with stouter rods people have caught 400 lb fish. They are the most versatile fishing rod in the world, there is really nothing else that can compare. All these factors makes this the best rod in the world for survival and bush-crafters because of the super light weight, pack-ability, and durability. They stand by this product as well, if you break it they will replace it. But its almost guaranteed you won't break one!

Many people look at this rod and think because of the short length that it wont work well. That is far from the truth! But you will notice reduced casting distances on certain types of fishing setups.   Remember that lure weight will always determine how far you can throw the lure. We highly recommend that if you plan to do fishing with lightweight tackle that you go with the spinning option instead of the casting option unless your an amateur at using reels. The casting reel is much easier to use for beginners and kids. Spinning reels are much better at casting light lures than a standard casting reel and should be used for pan fishing and smaller fish. The casting option can be replaced with an open faced bait casting rod as well for more advanced users, but that is recommend for larger lures and larger fish. Open faced bait casting reels don't cast light weight lures as well so they are better for bigger baits and bigger fish. Either way you can catch any type of fish under 10lb or possibly even larger with this rod setup no matter what your reel choice. You can't go wrong with this system and this is our top recommendation for fishing kits!

The great thing about these rods is that the handles are universal and you can change out for any type of rod that they offer. There are several options to work with for any size fish you want to go after!