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MRE Meal Ready GI 1000 case of 12 W/O heaters

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Product Description

 MRE Meal Ready to Eat Case Exclusive

Our MRE Meals packed fresh made of US military grade, ready to eat meal components. There are a lot of MRE's out there being made of commercial food items mixed in. What we find is that although the meal is MRE Military grade the crackers or other items are not and typically stale before you even get to to them.  We purchase our MRE fresh from the packing facility on a regular bases to ensure they never sit around and you start with something just packed.   All components are field tested and fully cooked so they can be eaten right out of the pouch. MRE's are great to keep in your car, use for camping, emergency food etc.  Store them in a air conditioned place and they will last a very long time.  Take it from those who lived on them.  

Each meal pack contains: Entrée, 2-3 side items, beverage, accessory kit including a flameless ration heater (FRH). All components are packed in high-density water and tamper proof outer bag and embossed with a lot number (pack date) on each bag and case.




All US military grade components Made In USA
• Fully cooked meals, no water required to reconstitute food
• No refrigeration required
• Lightweight, durable and waterproof packaging
• Extended Shelf life
• Self – Heating

  • Calories per meal : 1,000 Cal+ Average 
  • Shelf Life : 5 years or more depending on storage temperature and  conditions from date of pack
  • Packing and Packaging : 12 Meals to a Case - 6 different menus per case. Please note that flavors do change so that we can keep a variety in each lot. 
  • Each MRE Meal contains an entrée: 1 bread | Cracker item, Snack Mix | Side Item , Beverages, Cookie, 1 accessory pack & heater . All components are packed in a military grade waterproof and tamper proof MRE outer bag. Bag color may change. 
  • A 12 Case, Meals Ready To Eat (MilitaryMRE Type) will provide the nutrients and caloric value of 4 to 6 days of complete meals for one person and can be eaten at any place, at any time. 


COMPONENT DETAILS: Entrée: Variety of beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options. Side Tem: Crackers, breads or tortillas, peanut butter, cheese spread, fruit jellies, nut raisin mix, dry fruit mix, corn nuggets, wet packed fruit, side dishes, puddings, pound cakes, brownies, dessert cookies or others. Beverage: Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes or others available. Accessory Kit Includes: Heavy-duty spoon, napkin, salt, pepper, and moist towelette.


How to find the made date:

Look for a 4 digit as shown in the image.  You will see for example a number like 4114.  This means that it was made in year 201(4) on the 114 day of the year.  If you have older MRE you will notice that the first number (4) re-set in the year 2000 to #1.  For example if you show you have a 8114 that would be 2018 on the 114 day of the year.  You may also notice that MRE packages use to be brown. They then changed to Desert tan or a light green.   


What are the benefits and its uses of MREs?

  • Good taste
  • Calorie count - Each standard MRE has an average of 1,000 calories, which replicates the calorie count of a complete meal.
  • Long Shelf life that can range between 5 to 10 years without refrigeration! 
  • Not Freeze Dried! Moisture, gravy and sauces are retained in their natural form inside our X-MREs
  • Ready to eat. These meals are ready to eat right from the pouch at room temperature.
  • They can be heated in 5 minutes with boiling water or with our heater pouches.
  • Very portable and easy to carry - 4.5 - 10.5 ounce servings.
  • Easy to open - As opposed to canned food you don't need a special tool or special skills to open it . You just tear open the pouch and you are ready to eat!


What is the shelf life of an MRE?

Our MRE's  can have a shelf-life of 5 years or more depending on storage temperature and  conditions. Below is a chart that gives rough estimates of MREs and their shelf life based on temperature.



"The above storage data and time periods were based on “acceptable taste” measures, which is a subjective standard that may vary among each individual. Test participants were asked to indicate which products they were presented would be rated to still be of “acceptable taste”. Responses were noted, and average values were calculated to yield the data above. The resulting data does not indicate the maximum useful life of MRE food products. This information is provided as a general indication of the effects of storage temperature on MRE-type packaged foods and not necessarily a guarantee from the manufacturers."


What is the best way to heat or warm up a MRE?

MRE's were not intended to be eaten cold, but one of their great advantages is that they can be. In personal emergencies, family emergencies, and city or state emergencies (earthquakes, toxic spills, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, etc.) there is no problem and they still taste good.  Just like eating cold pizza you can and some people like it.  You find that many law enforcement officers carry some in their cars for a quick meal in the event of an emergency.  

XMRE chemical heater pouches can be bought separately. Placing the XMRE in the chemical heater pouch provides a high tech away to heat an MRE pouch with no fire or flame. Adding water will cause a harmless chemical reaction which produces heat and warms the food pouch within 10 -15 minutes, safely and quietly. Simply follow the instructions on the pouch.

If you don't have a heater pouch the entree pouch is easy to heat up:

1) Boiling for 3-5 minutes - take the pouch from outer carton and place it in clean boiling water. 

2) Placing next to a non-liquid heat source: radiator, engine block, or even the human body. Be careful of burning or melting the pouch if the heat source is too hot.

3)  You can use the sun to warm the pouch by simply laying it in the sun. 

4) Microwave 2-3 min. remove it from the pouch since it contains an aluminum, non-microwaveable layer which gives the pouch such a long shelf life.




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