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  • Outdoor Survival Kit
  • EDC Outdoor Kit (knife not included)
  • Survival Backwoods
  • 250lum Light
  • H20 windproof matches
  • Emergency water bags
  • Purification tablets
  • Emergency Survival Straw
  • Quality Compass Style May change
  • Compact First Aid
  • Emergency heat blanket
  • Trauma Israeli bandage
  • Bug Repellent
  • Toilet tissue
  • Signal Emergency Mirror
  • 550 Paracord

Outdoor Survival Individual Kit

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Product Description

The Outdoor Survival IDK is packed! This kit was made to be a grab and go pouch to use for day hikes, backpacking, hunting and overall emergency survival. If you get stuck, lost or are outdoors longer than you planned, this pack could be your lifesaver. All you need is to add fresh water and food. This was made to be a stand along kit or added to a bag with other essentials for a longer bug-out. It makes sense for any outdoor person. We also believe that you don't use your emergency gear for every day. If you will be using this for an every day outdoor kit, then please make sure you have an additional kit that is reserved for emergencies only so it remains ready and complete at all times.


Like our customers, when going to the woods we use a mental list, check our daypack, and gather what we need. This kit covers all of these items from fire starting to bug spray. In addition, it has all the essential items that are included in emergency or bug-out-kits. Add food and water and your all set for a day hike. We even packed some items to treat trauma in a medical emergency. The bag itself is a MOLLE pouch that can be attached to a larger bag, carried on your belt or inside a daypack.


All of our kits are made with the same rules. They are built with simplicity and quality in mind. They are packed with no fluff and with items the staff uses regularly.


Of course, you need the bag that is right for YOU. Custom options are available. Call for details, we are happy to help!


Kit Includes:

  • Adventure medical .5 first aid kit
  • 4” Israeli pressure bandage:  For more serious injuries. Training videos are recommended. We feel this is a necessary part of any kit.
  • Solar blanket
  • 50’ 550 Para Cord
  • Signal Mirror
  • Survival Matches with case
  • (2) Emergency water | storage bags
  • Purification tables Bottle
  • Water purification straw
  • 250 lume flashlight
  • Toilet tissue
  • Brunton, Silva quality compass
  • Deet Bug Spray
  • FIRE Cubes 
  • Ferro Rod
  • MOLLE Pouch 
  • Knife shown not included


* In addition, we recommend a stainless steel water bottle so that it can placed on a flame. (sold separately).





Product Videos

ANO Mike Outdoor Surv Kit HD 04:38

Learn what goes until our outdoor survival kits with one of our experts, Mike

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    Learn what goes until our outdoor survival kits with one of ou...
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