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  • 3 Day Bug Out Get Home Bag Complete
  • 2.0 First Aid Kit
  • 4 oz water packs
  • 550 paracord (100 ft)
  • E- Water Bags (2)
  • 6" Cyalume Glow Sticks (4)
  • 250 LUME Flashlight
  • SOS Food Bars - Flavor may vary (3)
  • Poncho/Shelter
  • Multi-tool
  • Survival Matches
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Toilet Tissue
  • S/S Bottle wide mouth
  • Cooking Cup
  • Emergency Blanket | BIVY Brand to Vary
  • Sawyer Mini-Kit water  filter
  • 2.5 L Hydration Bag
  • Fire Starting Cubes
  • MORA Survival Knife
  • Map Based Compass
  • Medium Transport Pack - Olive Drab
  • Medium Transport Pack - Woodland Digital
  • Medium Transport Pack - ACU
  • Medium Transport Pack - Multi-Cam (Add $30.00)
  • Medium Transport Pack - Coyote
  • Medium Transport Pack - Black
  • (OPTIONAL LARGER BAG) 3 Day Combat Pack/Bag add $35.00

Survival Kit 3 Day Complete

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Product Description

Our MEDIUM BUG OUT SURVIVAL KIT was built especially by our experienced team to be carried with you or in your vehicle. This bag has become our most popular built kit. You will find this kit has the same items included in our Outdoor Survival Individual kit, Cooking Fire kit and more. The MEDIUM BUG OUT SURVIVAL KIT was made to get you from point A to B and survive an emergency for 3-5 days with basics.

First, we wanted to make a bag that was affordable and contains only good quality gear, with NO FLUFF. We were careful to only include items the staff uses, trusts and depends on, regularly.  It was also important that we built a Survival Emergency bag that is going to be used often, to reduce waste. You will find at times, you may not be in an emergency situation but you frequently use this kit for items like paracord, basic first aid, or a knife that you forgot etc. We also know that there is a good chance at some point you may be stuck on the side of a long road, stranded in a storm, or other situations where you just need supplies. 

We want our survival kit to be used. Some items in the kit perform the same functions as others because we believe in redundancy and multi-use. And, many items can be used for more than just one purpose. Just remember to always replace anything you use. Training is always better than gear. It's a good idea to become familiar with the items in the kit and know how to use what you have before you need it. Being prepared is a much better way to tackle an emergency situation.

This bag is for survival, not comfort, so it lacks sleeping gear, other than a poncho for shelter. If you want more comfort, that's no problem. We suggest you add one the several choices we carry in sleeping bags or hammocks. If you are looking for more of a full scout or long term bug-out bag see our build your own bag option. We carry many different items so you can design a bag specifically for your needs.

We also give you the option to upgrade the bag to a large 3 Day Combat pack that can become a full bug out bag in the future. It is not necessary, but If your intention is to build the bag further for longer living needs by adding food, fishing and trapping kits, shelter or just need more room, we find the 3-Day Combat is a great for this! The extra pouches also allow for more organization of the added gear.  


We also recommend that you add a few more items based on your needs. 

1.  Trauma kit. We built a military grade Trauma Kit that easily attaches to the outside of the back.  If you do not need the entire kit, you may want to at least add 2 Israeli bandages and a CAT tourniquet. We did not add them to the bag in case you added the full kit. 

2.  Food - We included SOS high energy bars but you should add camp ready meals or MREs bases on your preference. Both are good quality.  

3. A bush crafting saw or axe. If you choose a larger bag, you can add a good military style machete and MOLLE carry sheath. The larger bag would accommodate this better and would be needed if you desired a complete bug out bag. 


This kit includes:  


  • Sawyer Mini Filter: We think this is the best value and compact micro-filter out there. Good for 100,000 gallons and easy to use! 
  • Purification Tablets Bottle
  • E-water packets 4oz : This is the stuck on the side of the road kits and you are thirsty packs. We included a 2.5L water bladder in the kit but we know some people may not keep it filled all the time.  
  • 2.5 L Water Hydration Bladder: This bag slips into the built-in hydration pocket on the pack. It has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and insulated hose. The Sawyer water filter may also be added into the line to make an inline filter if you need. KEEP THIS FULL of water at all times. 

Fire Starting

  • Waterproof Windproof Matches and case 
  • Fire Tablets for cooking or wet fire starting
  • Fire Steel: Included with the mora bushcraft knife.

Cooking | Food

  • Commando Stove 
  • Stainless Steel wide mouth bottle: Use this to drink, cook, boil water directly in a fire.  We use the larger mouth bottle for  making soups, boiling food etc. We choose this over a GI canteen cup to add redundancy for water purification. You can cook in the nesting cup also if you want more of a pot but this way you have options. We also found that this was the number one pick from our experts!
  • Stainless Steel nesting canteen cup and pot: This will fit under the wide mouth bottle and store easily. If you need more space, use our water bottle MOLLE case that will attach to the outside of the pack.  See our Cooking | Fire kit for more detail. This pack includes all the items in the kit accept for the bag. 
  • LMF Spork: your spoon, fork and eating knife in one. 
  • S.O.S. long term 400calFood bars (3) flavors will vary. 


  • 6" Cylume Glow sticks (4)
  • 250 lume Flashlight - This is a durable bright light with an adjustable beam, multi lume options and a strobe.  It also has a spiked head for defense. 
  • 1Qt Water or disposal Plastic bags (2) : We add these to a lot of kits. They take up no space or weight and they are very little cost. We like them because they can be used from everything from a water bag to first aid, food gathering bag etc.
  • Signal Mirror
  • Signal Whistle (in First aid kit)
  • Emergency survival sleeping bag | Space Blanket

2.0 Adventure medical first aid kit.  Good basic kit with all the regular first aid items you will need on a normal bases. I use this kit every week with kids and myself for basic stuff. We do recommend adding our Trauma Blow Out Kit for more severe emergency use. We made one just for this reason. This kit also includes a signal whistle and small button compass. We added a large map compass to the bag also that we feel is needed for most basic navigation. 

100' 550 Cord From tying down trunks to building shelters, making a snare, to replacing shoe laces...the uses are endless. We only use real military grade 550 cord with 7 strands that can each be removed if you need to for other uses. See our video on uses.

Toilet Tissue roll 

Multi-Tool H&K makes the best quality sturdy tool for the price. This tool is meant to be used often and we wanted to be sure it works. 

GI Poncho This is a strong rip-stop GI Style poncho that has metal grommets and can also be used as a shelter.  

Map Base Compass  If you do not know how to properly use a compass, please learn. There is a good booklet included but we also stock a map and compass military manual. 

Deet Bug Spray A must in the south!

MORA Bushcraft Survival knife We upgraded to this knive for this kit.  Mora Bushcraft is the best, most affordable knife in it's range. It has a coated carbon blade and includes a fire steel and knife sharpener, plus the back of the blade is also used as a fire striker. It conveniently clips to the outside of the bag.


Medium Transport MOLLE Pack

This is the pack/bag that will hold your contents. Please choose from the following colors:

Black, Olive Drab, Coyote, ACU, Woodland Camo or Multi-Cam (Multi-Cam is an additional $30.00)

About the pack:

The medium pack is our most popular pack and has excellent organization. If you are using this kit as a base, it is an excellent choice. You can always upgrade to the 3 day combat, when and if you need to. We offer many options for emergency, survival, first aid and bug-out bags. Give us a call if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help you create the bag that's right for your needs.


Product Videos

ANO Robert Bug Out Bag HD 06:29

Our expert, Robert, takes you through all the essential gear you'll find in this Bug Out Bag.

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    Our expert, Robert, takes you through all the essential gear y...
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