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About Army Navy Outdoors

Army Navy Outdoors is a tactical, survival and work stores that keeps its roots in Army Navy.   We serve everyone from Law enforcement, tactical military units, outdoors bushcraft survivalists, workmen & women along with civilians.  Our goal is to provide the right gear for your use and give the best service we can.   We hire and train experts and are here to guide and answer questions.  Our stores carry item that may not be online so stop by and you will see a lot more gear.

Why we love to do this

Customers tell us all the time that they came to our store with their parents when they were small like 8 years old. Now they are buying work boots and survival, outdoor and military gear as adults.  That is the biggest thrill we can get.  We work with cool people, hardcore customers, those new to it all and families.  We are thrilled that I can support and help tactical teams, Soldiers, Law enforcement, OTMs and everyday people that need advice.  It's not only a blast working with everyone we get to help with uniform and gear selections that really matter to those who use it.  We take pride in getting the right gear to customers and get to play with all the toys out in the field.  The team is mostly full of long term people and they all take personal responsibility, make decisions and want our customers coming back every time.

Government, b2b and What else we do

We work directly with corporations, municipalities, Security, LE and federal agencies US and foreign.   We are experienced in preparing containers and shipping it to you on time.  We can dress your team from head to toe using your company guidelines and have them ready for the job one at a time or in bulk.  We will help you find solutions to uniform needs.

Our History

We have been in this business long before a lot of brands even existed.  All the stores started in the same way, hard work, very little money and a lot of support from our manufactures. Army Navy Stores in general were always fun and draws people for all kinds of surplus, military gear and cools items.  Over the years as surplus dried up and retail changed we did also.  We never lost our roots as an army navy stores we just added more cool stuff that people need.